Monday, 15 October 2012

Calling All Vegans!

So for the last few months I have been baking up a storm and learning all about the world of  vegan goods from my business mama Mandi at Auntie Loo's. The incredible staff there has been nothing but perfection since I started and supportive to no I am over the moon to announce that my raw treats have become available to buy at Auntie Loo's.

That's one proud little Vegan!

So now you know, get 'em while the getting is good!

Don't forget to check these babes out!
Puurrrr, puuuurrr!

Little Jo Berry

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Chocolate Mousse Brownies!

Oooooooooooh child!

Brownie Base
Flax Seed (finely ground)
Cacao Powder
Agave Nectar
Sea Salt

First make sure to grind your flax seed really fine. Next add the rest of your dry ingredients and blend until you have a flour-like consistency. Now you can add the rest of your ingredients and blend on pulse until everything is well mixed. And there you have it!

Mousse Icing
Coconut Butter
Cacao Powder
Agave Nectar

Blend on pulse until your mousse is really creamy and light. Once you have achieved the texture you want spread your icing over your brownies and enjoy!

Little Jo Berry

Monday, 11 June 2012

Sunbathing Done Right!

My lush-like ways...
Got the best of me again!

This was taken half-way through a day of groceries and sunshine!
And yes, note the forty pounds of bananas lying beside me,
They're all mine!
Little Jo Berry

Monday, 4 June 2012

Blackberry Buckle!

Let's spend some time getting to know this little gal.

Agave Nectar

Blend 1/2 of your berries with some Agave Nectar and then toss in the other 1/2 as full berries, so you have all kinds of wonderful textures. Next, I dehydrated the filling on it's own for two hours or so...

Macadamia Nuts
Shredded Coconut
Raw Sugar

Sea Salt
Coconut Butter

First, finely grind your nuts and shredded coconut, now you can add everything else. A tiny spoonful of Coconut Butter is more than enough, it just gives your crumble a more thick and creamy texture. Also, feel free to add Agave is you need your crust to be sweeter. Once it's ready sprinkle it over your filling and dehydrate for another three to four hours. If you don't have a dehydrator, simply skip that step!

And now it is time, get hungry quick!

Little Jo Berry

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Making the perfect appetizer...

Making something bite-sized and delicious is no longer a task,
Check out these little money makers!

Cucumber and Dill never looked so good...

Flax Seed
Sunflower Seed
Sea Salt
Water (just a touch)

Blend on pulse until everything is well mixed and sticking together good. I rolled the batter out, just coat things lightly with water to keep it from sticking. I used the top of a cup as a "cracker cut out" that way all my crackers were the same size. Then I dehydrated them for about 4-6 hours depending how thick you make them.

hello beautiful!
Cashews (soaked)
Sea salt
Olive Oil

Blend until really creamy. The avocado and cashew actually mix genius together giving the perfect consistency to spread.

Cucumber (obviously!)

And there you have it...
The perfect appetizer, ENJOY!
Little Jo Berry

Monday, 2 April 2012

How to make good salad...

One thing I find somewhat devastating is when people think that salad is boring. No, no, no my dear sweet friends this is not the case. Salad is limitless, it just takes a creative mind and more than sliced cucumbers to do so. This is my "favorite" salad at the moment. It always changes, but for now....she wins!!

Fresh Sexy Lettuce Leaves

Heirloom Tomatoes
Fuji Apples
Portobello Mushrooms
Sundried Tomatoes

Slice it, all over your bed of greens.

Stone Ground Mustard

Olive Oil
Agave Nectar
Ground Pepper

Stir, stir, stir!

Bacon Bit Topping:
Sunflower Seeds
Sea Salt

Blend on pulse, sprinkle over your salad. Top with dressing.
Now you see.... thats all it takes and you're loving salad all over again!

Little Jo Berry

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Sundae Magic

Ooooooooh child, this is by far my favorite way to spend any afternoon. Indulging in delicious raw, vegan ice-cream....Who would have thought!!

Ice Cream:
Frozen Bananas
Cacao Powder
Raw Sugar
Vanilla Bean



Blend ice cream ingredients on pulse to break up your bananas.
If they are really, really frozen you may need to add some water to help them blend.
Once velvety and wonderful, garnish.

You will not regret a thing!

Little Jo Berry